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Do you work with HIV prevention programs
for the Latino/Hispanic community?

We can help.
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Positive? Negative? Not sure?

I Know. I Took the Test.
an Initiative

Find a testing site near you.

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The 2nd Utah AIDS Institute
was a success!

Thank you to all those who participated.
A special thanks to the Utah Department of Health for their hospitality and assistance in making the Institute a wonderful experience for all.

For the workshop PowerPoint presentations click here.


In an effort to provide you with effective tools in the
prevention of HIV, we present to you the

Proyecto IDEAS HIV Prevention Toolkit!

To download an English and/or Spanish version of the toolkit, please click here.


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Participating in our expert-led open conference calls on minority health.
What we can do specifically for your organization/health department.
Past conference call content and events.
Assessment tools and epidemiological profiles.
More about our project.

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Proyecto/Project IDEAS is a capacity building assistance (CBA) program led by JSI Research and Training Institute (JSI) and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our goal is to assist community-based organizations and health departments in improving HIV prevention services for Latino/Hispanic populations.